Being born in Peniche - Europe-s Surf Mecca and raised on his father's property just behind the world-known wave Supertubos, surfing was such a natural thing to do for Mário as riding a bike is to most kids. Until recently, he worked  as a head coach of Rip Curl Surf Camp Portugal & Surfcamp.cz. Representing the ultimate surf brand, he takes pride in the fact that his surf lessons are reflecting it's quality and innovation, and are the standard others are measured by. Mário continues to strive for excellence in providing great costumer service: personal, but professional. 

He is certified Surf and Performance Trainer, credited by Portuguese Surf Federation (FPS)  and also has International Surfing Association certificate (ISA). Mário teaches surfing in a safe and responsible manner, and at the same time makes sure that you are having the best time of your life catching your first waves. Thanks to that, most of his students are able to stand on the board on the first lesson riding broken waves all the way to the beach, and by the end of the week surfing real green waves, turning both left and right. 


Whether you are complete beginner or an intermediate surfer looking for some tips to improve your performance, I provide personal, caring and professional surf lessons, adapting the teaching methods to each individual. 

​Each surf lesson takes 2 hours. For the first timers, I implement a short briefing giving you a proper introduction to the sport of surfing and science behind it, including the detailed explanation of surf equipment and safety measures that need to be followed so a lesson runs safely and smoothly. Before entering the ever-changing environment in the water, we will practice the take off and some exercises at the beach.

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If you want to take on this surf adventure with a friend, family member, or your partner; or simply meet some great people with similar mindset through this amazing experience, group lessons are the way to go. But not to worry, we normally keep the groups relatively small - 5 student max, in order for each student to get enough attention and optimal learning experience, and at the same time still benefit from group motivation. 



Private surf lessons give you an opportunity of having full attention of the surf instructor, which means more tips in and out of the water, more complementary explanations of surf maneuvers, wave formation and surf conditions, more waves just for you and all in all, faster progress. 



For independent surfers, when going surfing at an unfamiliar spot, getting some local advice is a must. And we offer you so much more than that: good surfing company and safe introduction to various surf breaks (Peniche has around 20), even those less known, giving you detailed explanation of specific characteristics of each one of them - for you to take the best of your surfing experience in Peniche.



If you are an independent surfer and want to have fun on your own, you also have an option of renting surf equipment. We have a wide range of surfboards and wetsuits at your disposal.



We strongly believe that learning how our favorite toys are made from the scratch, and manually finished to perfection makes you a better surfer, as you get to understand and appreciate all the science behind it. So we teamed up with friends from Fatum Surf Factory, where we will take you step by step through the development of surfboards from blanks to final products, and explain all about materials and technics used in the process. If you get inspired to buy one of their beauties, you can custom order it right from the shop or keep the contact to order online, as they ship worldwide.